The first book in the High School Musical series, was High School Musical: The Junior Novel, the novelisation of the successful first film was released early June 2006, by Disney Press. This novel hit number one on the New York Times best-selling list and remained on the list for sixteen weeks. As of August 2007, the novel has sold more than 4.5 million copies with 1 million copies of the novel's follow-up, High School Musical 2: The Junior Novel, being shipped to American retailers. Shortly after the success of the original novel, Disney announced that a book series, entitled Stories from East High, would be published in February 2007 with a new book being published every 60 days until July 2008. However, books from the series have been scheduled for publication after the originally announced date. A complete list of books is provided.

List of Books


The following are the novelisations of each individual film from the series.

No. Title Date Released Written By
1 High School Musical June 1, 2006 N.B. Grace
2 High School Musical 2 August 14, 2007 N.B. Grace
3 High School Musical 3 September 23, 2008 N.B. Grace

Stories from East High

This book series is considered separate from the novelisations, although they do acknowledge events from the novels as well as from other books within the series.

Picture No. Title Date Released Written By
Battle of The Bands
1 Battle of The Bands January 16, 2007 N.B. Grace
Wildcat Spirit
2 Wildcat Spirit March 20, 2007 Catherine Hapka
Poetry in Motion
3 Poetry in Motion May 22, 2007 Alice Alfonsi
Crunch Time
4 Crunch Time July 31, 2007 N.B. Grace
Broadway Dreams
5 Broadway Dreams September 25, 2007 N.B. Grace
Heart to Heart
6 Heart to Heart November 27, 2007 Helen Perelman
Friends 4Ever
7 Friends 4Ever? February 26, 2008 Catherine Hapka
Get Your Vote On!
8 Get Your Vote On! April 22, 2008 Alice Alfonsi
Ringin' It In
9 Ringin' It In August 26, 2008 N.B. Grace
Turn Up the Heat
10 Turn Up the Heat October 28, 2008 Helen Perelman
In The Spotlight
11 In The Spotlight December 23, 2008 Catherine Hapka
Bonjour, Wildcats!
12 Bonjour, Wildcats! February 24, 2009 N.B. Grace
Game On
13 Game On April 28, 2009 Sarah Nathan
Lights, Camera, Action
14 Lights, Camera, Action July 21, 2009 N.B. Grace

Super Special Series

This series takes place in the same canon as the Stories from East High, but are roughly double the length of the other books.

No. Title Date Released Written By
1 Under the Stars June 3, 2008 Helen Perelman
2 Shining Moments April 28, 2009 Helen Perelman